Good Morning Britain Christmas Bar

Jan 04, 18 Good Morning Britain Christmas Bar

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Good Morning Britain (GMB) welcomed on the show British comedian Al Murray on Tuesday 19th December 2017 and to make him more comfortable GMB had set up a fully functional Christmas themed bar serving Festive Beer where both presenters Susanna Reid and Piers Morgan joined Al with some freshly poured Draught Beer pints. The section of the show was filmed live and had caught Susanna’s amusing reaction to realising that the pint she had picked up contained real beer. The whole set up that includes the bar, beer and equipment was all provided by Bexley based business, Mobile Bar Hire. The portable bar hire company were called upon by ITV production team in the early afternoon of Monday 18th December 2017 and even with a busy Christmas Schedule, Mobile bar hire came through. The bar itself was personalised with a Christmas chalkboard design at the front which adorned the GMB logo and rightly named ‘The Good Morning Britain Bar’. The tap badges were also personalised with a classic Christmas look presenting in crisp writing ‘Festive Brew’. Company Director, Rags Sandhu along with William Malingan both attended the event and were welcomed into the studio by Susanna Reid and Piers Morgan. This is not the first time that Mobile Bar Hire worked with ITV, having recently provided a St Patrick’s Day Bar that served Guinness for Good Morning Britain and also providing equipment for Ant & Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway as well as customising the infamous drinks globe to serve draught beer on Alan Carr: Chatty Man in previous...

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Alcohol is on the up when it comes to your flights.

In recent news alcohol is causing more problems both pre-flight and during flights. This has been causing disturbances for some time but due to figures reaching near 450 these past 2 years of people being held on suspicion of being intoxicated before and during flight. As well as this, there has been a 50% increase in drunken arrests in one year. In 2014 alone 238 million passengers passed through the UK airports, so think of how many people would be affected should you chose to drink at an airport or during flight? Selected air ports have released a zero-tolerance policy (including airport retailers) to advise the passengers who have bought alcohol not to consume it before boarding their flights as well as during them. If you or someone else become intoxicated who’s saying they don’t cause serious harm to themselves or others during take-off they can’t just park the plane your thousands of feet in the air The message isn’t disregarding the buying of alcohol it is just aimed at the consumption before and during your flight. Airport staff understand that you’re on your way to a nice holiday and want to ‘get the party started’ early, but think of others around you, take a moment to think how you would feel if someone was drunk/drinking on your next flight you wouldn’t want it spoiled now would you??? Airports aren’t looking to “kill your holiday” they are thinking of all others at the airports and on the plane during flight. Should you be assumed drunk before or during you flight you can be sentenced to a maximum of 2 years imprisonment… So, think before you fly, buy if you like but don’t drink till your off the planes, out of the air ports and only once you reach your destination. Do you have your own experience of this or similar? Why not let us...

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Scotland Drink Drive Limit Change

Dec 05, 14 Scotland Drink Drive Limit Change

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A change in the law has come into place in Scotland which lowers the legal drink-drive limit to the lowest in the UK. England, Scotland and Wales have had the limit of alcohol consumed before driving at 80mg per 100ml of blood for a while now, but Scotland have just reduced the limit to 50mg after a unanimous decision by the Scottish Parliament, with road safety campaigners and experts, as well as the majority of the public all backing up the decision. Scotland’s previous limit of 80mg – which England and Wales will be maintaining, despite the Scottish Government previously seeking a joint approach with Westminster – is the highest drink-drive limit in Europe, being the law only in the UK (now with the exception the Scotland Drink Drive Limit) and Malta. The new limit of 50mg brings Scotland in line with much of the rest of Europe, including Germany, France and Ireland. Supporters of the change argue that reducing the limit will send a message to drivers that even a single drink may impact on your ability to drive safely, and thus reduce the number of deaths and injuries received in drink-driving related incidents. Westminster – as well as other groups and people against the change – have argued that this change in the legal limit would have little to no effect on “high risk offenders”, and so reducing the limit is simply an unnecessary change. In 2012 it was recorded that an estimated 230 people were killed in incidents related to drink-driving, which is around 13% of all road-related deaths at the time. This large number of drink-driving related incidents related to drink-driving helps to highlight the meaning of those campaigners who are passionate about this change, and perhaps why so many have agreed to its implementation. What are your thoughts on the change, would you like to see the Scotland Drink Drive Limit introduced in England and...

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Cider Homebrew on Dragons Den

Throughout the years, Dragons Den has seen many entrepreneurs come in through the doors and pitch their business to them in hope for the cash investment they believe they need to make it to the top. On the 3rd August 2014, the Dragon’s were treated to yet another barrage of enthusiast looking for a cash injection – however, one product was caught the attention of cider lover the country over – Victor’s Drinks. Victor’s Drinks are a range of simple homebrew drinks where everything you need is pre-packaged; all you need to do is add water and wait 10 days. Once the 10 day period is reached, simply open the tap on the box and pour your refreshing cider which can range from 4.5% to 5.5% ABV depending on temperature, amount of water etc. The idea was born when two university students brewed their own cider and took it to a party where it was a hit! Now the easy brew cider can be found on an array of gift websites and the  range of drinks available to be brewed at home have grown to include Apple Cider, Mixed Berry, Elderflower and Apple and a pale ale. On the evening, the owners of Victor’s drinks took a grilling as the product may encourage cheap drinking as it can work out as cheap as just over £1 per pint of cider. However, multi millionaire Duncan Bannatyne saw potential in the business and invested £40,000 for a 35% stake in Victor’s drinks. Do you have a similar product or look to venture into a similar business? Get in touch with Bar News today to let us...

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Bar Company Official Awards Partner

Everyone and anyone who is in the exhibition industry will be at this year’s Exhibition News Awards 2012 at Olympia, London. This is the 6th year the awards have taken place and Kent based Mobile Bar Hire have been announced as official event partners to the awards. Further to that they will be sponsoring the much anticipated award of best event director and in addition members of their team will be present at the ceremony and one of its directors will be presenting the award to its winner. The nominees this year range in age, experience and where they come from and the awards sponsors come from businesses all across the United Kingdom. The array of awards which will be given out include recognition for all areas of event and exhibition planning business, including awards for individuals and awards for whole businesses. While its very exciting a Kent based company is presenting this award, some of the other highly anticipated awards which will be presented on the night include best International launch sponsored by Glow at Bluewater with whom Mobile Bar Hire have worked with before, best trade show sponsored by Showplans, best employer sponsored by Esp recruitment, best venue sponsored by Thorns, rising star award, best Salesperson and many more awards celebrating all aspects of the events industry. This years awards looks like its going to be better than ever. At last years awards over 750 people attended and winners came from all different areas of the exhibition planning business. This years event will play host to over 850 guests gathered in the new look West Hall at Olympia, all of who will be celebrating the achievements of key players in the events and exhibitions industry. The 7 hour programme includes a drinks reception, welcome presentation, dinner, some stand up comedy, live music and a DJ, and of course the presentation of the award trophies themselves. This is the place to be to network with some of the key players in the industry...

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